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Most reliable machinery, best material and manpower in tune with your needs

Oman Roads Engineering Company is proud to announce that its Asphalt Factory provides high quality Asphalt which meets the specifications of Dhofar Municipality and Ministry of Transport and Communication (MOTC). Oman Roads Engineering Company also provides raw materials and Asphalt to other road contractors based in Sultanate of Oman, Shalalah. Oman Roads Engineering believes in using the most high-quality machinery and products for all its services, to ensure quality operations and products.

At Oman Roads Engineering, we use 'Daewoo' plant, one of the most tested and trusted brands in the world. Daewoo is the leading manufacturer of high quality, reliable and efficient asphalt production plants, among various other types of machinery. Daewoo is durable and environment friendly, and meets the highest international standards of quality, safety and design.

Our commitment towards excellence in hardware

Daewoo new generation of asphalt plants responds to customers' demands for versatility, quality and environmentally-friendly solutions. The Top Tower is energy-efficient, perfectly insulated and satisfies modern criteria while meeting the highest performance standards. It is the perfect solution for the production of standard and/or low-energy materials.

Functional characteristics

  • Excellent control of all metering processes (for each single component)
  • High flexibility of production making it possible to frequently change the formula and to produce small quantities
  • Maximum efficiency and performance for the production of "special products" correct re-composition of the granulometric gradation under any working condition


Bitumen Emulsion

Oman Roads Engineering Company LLC

A bitumen emulsion is a dispersion of bitumen in water. However, in the same way as water and oil do not mix easily, water and bitumen together do not get on. At Oman Roads Engineering, Bitumen emulsions are made using ATOMIX ® colloid mill, In the colloid mill energy is applied to the system by passing the mixture of hot bitumen and water phase between a rotating disc, cone or flywheel and a stator. The rotor as well as stator may be grooved or have teeth in order to create a turbulent flow.



Oman Roads Engineering Company LLC

Our wet mix plant is specially designed to suit the typical Sultanate of Oman Salalah site conditions, mixing of crushed material with high level of homogeneous that is one of our core competencies. We are using high quality the raw material with size 32/20mm, 20/10mm, 10/5mm and 0/5mm proportionally blends as per specification with optimum water content. Aggregate are using from approved crushers shall conform to the gradation and other properties comply with the road construction specification. Our end product is a homogeneous reproducible mixture.

Currently we are supplying for MOTC Road projects, Dhofar Municipality projects and Salalah road projects.

Technical specification

  1. 1 ) Capacity WM 120 TPH
  2. 2 ) Cold Aggregate Feeder all the 4 bins are fitted with individual DC/AC motors and gear box to control and regulate the flow of aggregate from each bin.
  3. 3 ) Mixing Unit: - Mixing unit to designed to mix material with exact quantity of water content to prepare homogeneous mixture .
  4. 4 ) Control panel –Computerized with small cabin.
  5. 5 ) Water storage tank is fitted with best quality of standard pump to transfer exact quality of water to the mixing chambers.
  6. We understand our responsibility as responsible road builder contractor and our ISO Certified process enables us to strictly adhere to standards.