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From just being a road construction contractor in 2016, the company has diversified into another division of Road Marking and Traffic Safety Solution. OMAN ROADS ENGINEERING COMPANY LLC has earned a remarkable reputation in trustworthiness, all because of a strong customer focused approaches and the continuous quest for world class quality maintaining.

Oman Roads Engineering Company LLC applies over 10 million metres of line painting per year throughout the Oman to highways, cycle and bus lanes, car parks, footpaths, airfields, playgrounds, industrial estates, business parks and many more applications.

We own and operate a large fleet of multi-purpose machineries, spray, extrusion, raised rib and paint applicators as well as a comprehensive range of performance test equipment.

This multi-million pound investment is backed up by our investment in the skills and knowledge of our permanent crews of experienced (average of 10years per person) surface marking operators, With all receiving regular training in Health & Safety, Quality and First Aid.

Our superior equipment and experience is complemented by our application of the very best available materials. We use the whole range of OREC Paints® .Raswa paint®. Thermoplastics Paint Product manufactured by Our company OREC paint as per British, American & European specifications .

Thermoplastics Paint

  • BSEN 1436:2007
  • BS 3262:1989,
  • AASHTO 249

Drop on Glass Beads

  • BSEN 1423, ,BSEN 1424
  • BS6088:1981 ( A & B )
  • AASHTO 247 ( I & II )
  • H 33-325
  • H 26-325
  • GRACO 5900
  • ID1100-1 / 10 kW
  • ID100 / 3.1 kW
  • 1
  • 2
  • 2
  • 2
  • 5
  • 3
  • 3
Materials & Services Supplied
  • Thermo plastic and chlorinated rubber road marking
  • Wet Night High Visiblity Marking
  • Raised Rib Marking
  • Line Removal
  • Motorway Edge Marking
  • Tempro - Temporary Marathon & Film-Set Marking
  • Preformed Marking
  • Wide Range of Colours
  • Road Studs - Cats Eyes
  • Screed, Spray and Extrusion
  • Surface Drying​

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Oman Roads Engineering Company LLc

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Road Marking Division Manager


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Thermoplastics road markings are the products of choice where fast drying, durability and long term economy is desired.  Thermoplastics are a combination of plasticized resin, aggregate and pigment, heated around 200 b which dries within 5 minute of application

Thermoplastic road marking paint is in powder/granule form that consists of light colored aggregate, pigment, extender, binder and glass bead that becomes liquid when heated at high temperatures.

The ingredients in the mix do the following:

  • The binder is resin or rosin and plasticizer that hold all ingredients together.
  • The pigment supplies the color.
  • Glass beads with the pigment provide the retro-reflectivity and visibility.
  • Filler material provides the bulk.
  • Temperature is the most important factor in the preparation and application of thermoplastic road marking paint
  • When heated to the recommended temperature and properly mixed, the dry powder/granules become a homogenized liquid.
  • Then, the melted thermoplastic material, when applied, forms a thermal bond between the material and the upper surface of the asphalt.
  • Also, if applied on porous surfaces, the melted thermoplastic material fills all gaps creating mechanical and thermal bond on concrete and asphalt respectively. Since the applied thermoplastic material is raised above the road surface, with the glass beads, pre-mixed and dropped on, it provide better visibility at day, night and wet conditions. Thus, contribute significantly to road safety for all its users.



Oman Roads Engineering Company LLc
Reflective Road Studs

Heavy-duty road studs are die-cast in LM6-M or LM26-M Aluminum alloy giving it superior strength and corrosion resistance. The anti-Mist stem provides solid positional stability. The reflective bi-convex lenses made of special crystal glass elements and the prismatic reflectors made of ABS are designed to withstand the rigours of highway use Reflectors are available with white, amber, red or green lenses fixed on one or two sides of the roads studs. Special hot-applied bitumen grout for fixing the road studs is available on order.

Oman Roads Engineering Company LLc
Ceramic Road Studs

Non-reflective ceramic road markers are used mainly on roads and streets inside cities where street lightings are available. Unlike road markings paints which are subject to soiling ceramic road markers retain their colours and are soil-resistant.
The rumble effect of the raised ceramic markers deters drivers from running over it and gives a sensory and audible warning to drivers straying out of lane.



Guard Rail Reflectors improve road safety by enhancing visibility during the hours or darkness. They can be easily fixed on corrugated barriers, square beam and concrete barrier. Prismatic or reflective tape reflectors are available on one or both sides.



Spray grip is highly effective anti-skid surface that can be applied direct on existing roads.Made of special formulation of calcined bauxite aggregate and hydrocarbon resin binder, it produces a deep, textured, tire-gripping surface that cut down skids and prevents accidents.



The purpose of Airport Runway, Taxiway and Apron Markings, is to increase the visibility

We Oman Roads Engineering Company, offer Special Cold Paints in a variety of water-based, solvent and epoxy-based products, that can be applied manually or by Airless Spray Machines, with high durability, excellent adhesion properties in both Asphalt and Concrete, at competitive rates.

Our Special Water-Based Cold Paints meets the International Standards; Federal documents TT-P-1952, and is environmentally friendly with low VOC.


  • It is a very high performance product, with an unlimited softening point
  • Because of its unlimited softening point it can sustain High Temperatures and tough weather conditions.
  • The structure will not be affected or distorted even by heavy traffic movements.
  • Easy application (No Heating Process is required).
  • UV resistance.
  • Environmentally Friendly (Very Low VOC).
  • Cheap maintenance cost, compared to other Road Marking Products.



Sand Blast Stripe Removal System

While it's important that road markings are durable and long-lasting, this can make the removal process rather difficult when traffic layouts change or general wear and tear means replacement lining is required.

Here at Road Marking Services, we use specialist technology, such as hydroblasting, to remove any line markings with complete precision. By doing so, no damage is caused to the existing road surface, and disruption to traffic is kept to a minimum. We carry out line removal for a host of applications, including: Highways and Motorways, Car parks ect…

Water Blast Stripe Removal System

OMAN ROAD ENGINEERING LLC. introduces the world leading pavement marking removal system.

The Blasters Liquidator™ Water Blast Stripe Removal System utilizes a new generation of Blasters, Inc. robotic ultra high pressure water jet cutting equipment. It can remove all paint stripes, curing compound, sealer, rubber or tack and even restore the coefficient of friction needed on worn road surfaces.